Much more than a Tech-Transfer database or IP management system.

Innovate IP is a modern web-based enterprise platform that facilitates a more organized and effective tech-transfer operation. Commercialization activities are integrated and streamlined with a clean consistent interface and user-defined customization. Workflow productivity gains are achieved through rules-based automation, a comprehensive toolset and powerful reporting.

See the Difference

Connect your office with modern web-based technology while also eliminating downtime and seat license constraints. Leverage staff flexibility and efficiency through a clean and consistent interface that requires minimal training.

Identify New Opportunities

Innovate IP uniquely connects and relates data in a manner that provides rapid access to information through versatile reporting and powerful search. This approach makes it easy to uncover revenue and cost-savings that other systems miss, while minimizing the need for technical staff or custom development.

Flexible Approach

Working in Innovate IP closely resembles the behavior of a web page with hyperlink navigation — unlike traditional TTO database systems that require rigid linear steps through predefined forms. This flexibility simplifies and streamlines workflow for each individual and increases productivity.

Anytime-Anywhere Access

Use your tablet or smartphone to get whatever information you need, when you’re on the go and you need to know. Save time and money by providing dedicated “self-serve” portals for inventors, colleges/deans, law firms and licensees. Innovate IP is hassle free – all of the popular browsers are supported.

Innovate IP seamlessly ties together all the functions across your operation – and all the associated data, through a clean and consistent user interface.

Install Innovate IP on premises or in the cloud to serve everyone in the operation — as well as external partners/users of your choosing.

Technologies Report

Innovate IP Capabilities

  • Web-based hyperlink navigation
  • Online IDF submission and processing
  • Manage Technologies and Patents
  • Manage Agreements and Compliance
  • Manage People and Companies
  • Integrated CRM and deal-flow management
  • Build and track marketing campaigns
  • Robust Financials and Distributions
  • Automated iEdison and AUTM reporting
  • Report customization
  • User-defined fields and views
  • Search with advanced filters
  • Role-based security
  • Dedicated portals; inventors, colleges, departments
  • Automated law firm billing reconciliation
  • Upload/Attach files and email records
  • Workflow and document management
  • Alerts, reminders and notifications
  • Support for all popular browsers
  • Anywhere-Anytime mobile device access
Innovation Dashboard