Innovate IP was developed within the Tech-Transfer Office at The Ohio State University. It has been used there exclusively since 2011. OSU TTO staff rely heavily on the system and it has become an irreplaceable feature in their office. Innovate IP has been put through the paces as the dedicated commercialization and CRM system; more than 30 TTO staff, hundreds of researchers and administrators across the university along with a dozen patent law firms and numerous licensees.

The company was spun out of OSU in 2017 as a startup. Today, numerous institutions have transitioned to Innovate IP and many more are actively evaluating the system. Through close collaboration with industry partners, enhancements and new features are constantly being added to ensure that Innovate IP customers are using the most reliable and functional tech-transfer commercialization system.


Jim Bratton pic

Jim Bratton


Michael Coutinho pic

Michael Coutinho

Co-Founder / CIO

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Andrea Beeks

Customer Implementation Manager

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Matthew Ulrich

Software Developer

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Shawn Palmer

Software Developer